Pantene launched its Beautiful Lengths program in 2012, where thousands of ponytails were donated across Australia and New Zealand; for this we thank you. Your generous donations have helped support hundreds of women undergoing cancer treatment across Australia and New Zealand.

We would like to advise that the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program is now closed in ANZ and no longer accepts ponytail donations, however we still encourage you to continue supporting Look Good Feel Better.

Look Good Feel Better recommends the Princess Charlotte Alopecia Foundation as an alternative program for those who still wish to grow and donate their hair. Please visit their website for more information on donation guidelines (

Pantene would like to thank everyone who has helped support the program; whether you've contributed by making the kindest cut of all, or by sharing your personal story, you have made a real difference to women with cancer and reminded us just how caring we are to one another.

Pantene would also like to acknowledge the fantastic work of Look Good Feel Better and thank them for their support of the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program. Should you wish to make a monetary donation, or find out more about the work of Look Good Feel Better, you can do so via their website: or

For further information please contact the Pantene team on 1800 028 280.

Thank you for your understanding,

From the team at Pantene Beautiful Lengths

"After my second cancer diagnosis I was left with chemo induced alopecia, a permanent cosmetic battle scar. Pantene provided me with a real hair wig which was incredible as it helped me to feel a little bit more like the old me."

Jess H, SA

"Thank you to Pantene Beautiful Lengths and Look Good Feel Better for my new wig and providing real-hair wigs for us 'hairless' women!"

Libby W, NSW

"I would like to thank both the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program and Look Good Feel Better for the generous gift of my real hair wig. Receiving a real hair wig lifts your spirits and makes you feel less self-conscious when you are going through such a difficult time."

Judith D, QLD

"My life changed when I received my real-hair wig from Pantene Beautiful Lengths. A million thanks from the bottom of my heart!"

Deolita, QLD